Water/Wastewater Analysis

Our methods for analysis are derived from the EPA Standards for Water Analysis.

PCB Chemistry

Analysis of the Chemistry used in the manufacturing of Printed Circuit Boards.
metal finishing

Metal Finishing/ Plating on Plastics

Analysis of the Chemistry used in the Metal Finishing Industry and Plating on Plastics.

Analytical Testing Overview

  • Trace Metals- detection and quantification of low levels of metals for quality control or regulatory compliance; Ag, As, Be, Ca, Cd, Co, Cr, Cs, Cu, Fe, Ga, Ge etc.
  • TOC/IC-Total Organic Carbon, Total Inorganic Carbon, Total Carbon
  • Additional Tests- Ammonia, Alkalinity, Bacteria, Carbonates, Chlorides, Conductivity, Cyanide, Dissolved Oxygen, Hardness, pH, Sulfites, TDS, TSS    
  • PCB Process Chemistry- Solvents, Permanganate, Neutralizers, Conditioners, Microetches, Electroless Copper, Electroplated Copper, T&E, Copper Purity, TOC, Electroplated Nickel & Gold, ENIG and ENIPIG Process Chemistry, Electroplated Tin & Tin/Lead, Alternative Oxides, Peel Strength- resin to metal adhesion
  • Metal Finishing/POP- Electroplated Nickel, Electroplated Gold, Electroplated Tin, Electroplated Silver, Electroless Nickel, Copper Cyanide, Electroplated Tin (Sulfate)
  • Lubricants- TBN, TAN (ASTM D4739, D664)
  • Instrumentation- ICP-OES, TOC Analyzer, UV-VIS, Potentiometric Titration, Tensile, Elongation, Peel Strength Tester, Wet Titration Methods