Burrant Chemical LLC was established to provide the chemical industry with a technology outsourcing platform for analytical services and chemical product development. We are a technology driven organization continuing to push the envelope of innovative developments by assisting our customers in meeting their goals. This is accomplished through collaborations, partnerships, R&D contracting and a commitment to servicing companies interested in advancing their future.

Below are some of the chemical development areas we have been involved in;

Paints & Protective Coatings & Foams

Burrant Chemical will work with you to improve or replace your existing formulation by improving upon the properties of the paint or coating functionality through the chemistry such as the resin system, pigment, additives, corrosion resistance, adhesion, cross linking chemistry etc. 


Our product development team has an extensive knowledge of oil additive chemistry. We can help you resolve issues with your oil in various combustion engines. This requires a understanding of both the chemical additive chemistry and the combustion process inside gas and large diesel engines.

Catalysts, Metal Deposition, Additives, Etchants, Photoresists

We can also develop chemical formulations for all of your metal needs. This includes catalyst used in electroless deposition, additives used in electrolytic deposition, plating on plastics or resins, photoresists-liquid or dry film, as well as the cleaning and etching of various metal surfaces.

Cleaning Products, Cosmetics, Green Chemistry Alternatives

Our formulation capabilities include a diverse number of industries and uses. From cleaning products used in the household or industrial to cosmetics such as powders or creams. We also pride ourselves in developing Green Chemistry alternatives for your formulation.